The Family

The oldest Danish member of the family is Bernt Suhr (born approx. 1615) He immigrated from Bremen and among other, he served Christian the 5th as manager of the Kings Brewery. His second oldest son, Frederik Suhr (born 1644) was among other district revenue officer for Maribo and Aalholm districts. One of his sons, Bernt Frederik Suhr (born 1677) became priest and rural dean of Købelev and Vindeby and had the son Johan Peter Suhr (born 1712) among others.

Johan Peter Suhr started apprenticeship in 1728 with a flaxshopkeeper on Gammeltorv in Copenhagen. He married the flaxshopkeepers datter, Dorthea Aagaard, and in 1749 took over the business, which became the commercial house of J.P. Suhr & Son.

J.P. Suhrs son, Ole Bernt Suhr, took over the commercial house as a 23-year old. Previously he’d married Dorothea Beckman. At Ole Bernt Suhrs death in 1815, his second youngest son the 23-year old Johannes Theodorus Suhr, took over the management of the firm. In 1816, Johannes Theodorus Suhr married Caroline Falch. The couple didn’t have any children and after the death of Johannes Theodorus Suhr in 1858, most of his significant fortune was tied up in The Suhr Foundation. The first division of this benefits descendants of Johannes Theodorus Suhr’s parents, merchant Ole Bernt Suhr and wife Dorothea Beckman, while the Second division is established to the benefit of among others, descendant of Caroline Falch’s sister, Anna Elisabeth Dorthea Meincke, f. Falch.

Bernt Suhr

Født ca. 1615