The foundations’ business spans over a variety of activities, from acreage operations over nature cultivation and administration to consulting. The business activities are primarily run out of the forest and estate office of Bonderup.
The foundation has a total of 1.320 hectare land at its disposal on the estates and forests at Bonderup. Operations of the acreage are coordinated with reference to optimal maintenance of the interests of the Foundation. Weighing of financial interests, nature care and cultural history depends on the size and nature of the tasks.

The Foundation owns five forests of a total of 675 hectare split between Bonderup Forest (117 hectare), Merløse Forest (162 hectare), Brorfelde Forest (244 hectare), Sandlyng Forest (138 hectare) and Skuerup Forest (14 hectare).
The foresting is run traditionally with wood production as primary operation. Production of Christmas trees and decoration greenery represents a still increasing part of the total production.
New initiatives for hiring out areas to publicly organized utilization of nature have increasingly been incorporated in the activities of forest operations.
The forest and estate office has cooperation agreements with several forest owners about management of their forest estates. Such operations are carefully coordinated with the operations of the Foundation’s owns forests.

The forest and estate office of Bonderup was, as the first forest estate on Zealand, certified in 2003 as Umbrella organisation per PEFC Denmarks regulations for sustainable foresting. PEFC is short for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.
The certification means that not only the Foundation’s owns forests, but also administered forests can be under the “umbrella”. Four forest estates have already (per spring 2004) signed agreement with the Foundation about this.

On Bonderup and Merløsegaard there are a total of 645 hectare farming land.
The farming land is run in a modern and rational fashion. In order to optimize and make the operations efficient the Foundation’s farming is run in close cooperation with the neighbour, Kongsdal Estate.
The farming is run in a traditional way but the ambition is to adjust the farming operations to the changing societal aspirations of farming that to a higher degree takes into consideration the environment and nature care.

Hunting, nature and cultivation of the wild has a high level of attention in the acreage management of the Foundation. Hunting rights are for the majority of the areas part hired out, hence contributes to the economy of the Foundation. Professional hunting service is associated to supervise the area, take care of breeding and setting of game.

House letting
The forest and estate office of Bonderup administers 25 homes used for staff and house letting.
The Foundations’ remaining house letting concerns shops and offices and is related to the Foundation’s estate on Gammel Torv in Copenhagen.